2 thoughts on “Countdown, discount and demo news”

  1. Bravo my man, BRA-VO. I cannot tell you how beautiful the feeling I get is, playing this game. Not only do you capture every little nuance that a pro Taffer like I and those on Inside At Last would notice and appreciate, but you created your own spin on things. I just got done getting filled with bullets on the Shipping level, and I had to congratulate you on this effort. I haven’t felt this satisfied in so long, my love of Thief and stealth em ups was rekindled tonight by Filcher, you could say it stole my heart, and I’d love to see more. If more developers, big or small, began creating the kind of thing you’ve proved to do so well, the gaming world would benefit. I’d be a happy Taffer, for sure. Encore, friend, encore.

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