Imaginary Soundtracks Mixtape Vol. 1 now on Bandcamp and YouTube!

If you feel like having your eardrums violently assaulted for an hour, my first collection of weird-ass music, made between 2013 and 2019, is now freely available on Bandcamp and YouTube (originally released in 2019 on SoundCloud).

Speaking of the YouTube channel… in a creative flurry, I made some very silly re-edits of the ending of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Some would say they are an improvement on the original ending. They would be wrong.

Vote for Filcher on!

I submitted Filcher to way back in October but never heard back from them. However, someone added it to the community wishlist! (There is also a discussion thread.)

I guess I should point you towards it, as getting the game onto GOG could really help it reach a bigger audience. If you have an account, please consider pressing that vote button. Cheers!

Filcher status update

Filcher is now disturbingly close to completion. Last time I posted, I was about to start drawing the comic book cutscenes. It took way longer than expected, but all the art is now finished. I went for a black-and-white pixel art style, heavily influenced by Hellboy‘s Mike Mignola and V for Vendetta‘s David Lloyd. Still needs some polish here and there, but I’m really happy with how it’s come together.

Then there’s the writing, which permeates the game in the form of mission briefings, cutscene captions and speech balloons, in-game dialogue (you can eavesdrop on certain conversations) and the occasional snarky comment from Sporey during missions. I was initially going to have a full comic intro cutscene for each of the game’s ten missions, but that proved slightly over-ambitious. There are now six cutscenes (which cover all the major story moments) plus a text briefing for each mission, complemented with images.

So much for the story stuff, but surely the gameplay is more important? True, so I’ve been going through all the levels, filling previously empty rooms and adding more loot, secrets, readables and overall detail. I’ll await the feedback of my long-suffering playtesters Gurt and Splinter and fix whatever problems they find. Then I’ll invite a few more outside testers for the whole game, and maybe put out a demo version for the public. Still figuring these things out.

It looks like Filcher should be ready for release later this summer. More info soon!

Filcher status update

Time for another update!

The game’s ten levels (including the tutorial) are now *basically* done!

It’s been a lot of work, and there are definitely gaps left to fill in – placeholder textures to replace, conversations to write, props to add, challenges to tweak, boring rooms to make more interesting… but at least the critical path is all in place, which is a weight off my shoulders.

Next, I’ll be making rough sketches of all the comic book panels and put them between the missions. to get a feel for the flow of the story. With all the building blocks in place, Being able to run the game through from start to finish, I’ll see what needs fixing and tweaking, shortening and lengthening, softening and hardening, lightening and darkening, clarifying and mystificating…

I’ll probably need another month for the cutscenes and one more for general polish. I know I keep pushing the deadline back, but to be fair, the deadline is just a goal – something to prevent me from getting stuck on tiny details forever.

That’s all for now. Take care!